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Backflow Solutions Inc.
Calgary, AB Canada

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Calgary, Alberta

(403) 457-4441

At Backflow Solutions INC, we test cross connection control devices for private residences, commercial sites, plumbing contractors, property management firms, and large international corporations in Calgary Alberta, Canada and surrounding areas.

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We conduct all of our installations in compliance with CSA Standards.



Every installation is unique and possesses different challenges. We like challenges. That is why all installations will need to be inspected in order to provide you with an accurate cost. The price we quote is the price you pay.

All quotes will be broken down into separate items (labour, materials, special requirement, etc.) for you to fully understand what you are paying for.

We have installed hundreds of devices over the years.

Every water authority is unique and requirements will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

We take great pride in supplying you with the highest level of craftsmanship and expertise.

We conduct all of our installations in compliance with CSA Standards B64.10-11/B64.10.1-11 (Selection and installation of backflow preventers/Maintenance and field testing of backflow preventers). We will explain all of the requirements regarding your installation.


Please note some requirements (CSA Standards B64.10-11/B64.10.1-11) that you may not be aware of:


6.5 Strainers: An in-line strainer shall be installed where water contains foreign material that could jam, foul, or erode the seating surfaces.

Note: In-line strainers may not be installed in a fire protection system without approval from the authority having jurisdiction.

6.7 Parallel service: For installations where uninterrupted service is a necessity, backflow preventers or vacuum breakers of equal size shall be provided in parallel. Each device shall be in operation normally.

6.9 Thermal expansion: When the installation of a backflow preventer creates a closed piping system (e.g., zone, area, or premises isolation), one of the following means shall be installed to protect against the increase of pressure due to thermal expansion:

(a) a suitably sized diaphragm-type expansion tank appropriate for use within a potable water system;

(b) an auxiliary thermal expansion relief (TER) valve set at a pressure of no more than 550 kPa. The TER

valve shall be designed for repeated use and shall comply with CSA B125.3; or

(c) other means acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

6.10 Installation orientation: Backflow preventers shall be installed in an orientation in which they have been tested and have shown compliance with the applicable Standard of the CSA B64 Series.