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Backflow Solutions Inc.
Calgary, AB Canada

Phone:  (403) 457-4441
Fax:       (403) 457-4420

Calgary, Alberta

(403) 457-4441

At Backflow Solutions INC, we test cross connection control devices for private residences, commercial sites, plumbing contractors, property management firms, and large international corporations in Calgary Alberta, Canada and surrounding areas.

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Don’t replace it if we can fix it.

We take pride in our wealth of knowledge when it comes to diagnosing failed cross connection control devices.




We take our time and complete a thorough inspection of every failed device.

Most often, devices fail due to debris stuck in the inner parts of the device. We can usually clean these inner parts and the device passes.

However, debris can damage the inner parts and these parts will fatigue over time. They may need to be replaced.

Note: All failed devices must be repaired and put back into service within five (5) business days of failing. It is the law. However, we can make a special case to the local water authority if a part is not locally stocked and may be delayed. They will have the final say.




Regular working hours are 0800 to 1700, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours and days will need to be negotiated.

$80 per hour. We bill in half hour increments.

We charge Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for all repair parts. The price we quote is the price you pay.

We charge for cleaning devices and replacing parts (usually only a half hour is charged).

We stock a large quantity of repair parts. However, we do not stock every part. If we need to procure a replacement part off site, we will charge for that time.